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What to Look for in a Realtor

1. KNOWLEDGE: The right agent should be studiously informed about your market conditions, community dynamics, past sales in the area and types of buyers. Their encyclopedic knowledgeshould be local, not general. Expertise is paramount.

2. REPUTATATION: It is best to choose a recognized realtor in your community with an established track record of success, integrity and professionalism.

3. HONESTY: A good realtor must communicate unequivocally and tell you things you may not want to hear, especially about pricing.

4. STAGING SKILLS: Look for an agent who can advise you how to economically improve your home's content, condition and appearance to increase value and accelerate the sale.

5. MARKETING SAVVY: The best realtor for the job has a detailed, multi-level plan to expose your home to the widest number of buyers.


6. CONNECTED: A pro-agent should have an extensive network of legal, financial, appraisal, staging, and home improvement experts that they can share with sellers.

7. NEGOTATING SKILLS: The right realtor must understand the psychology of non-adversarial, collaborative bargaining and use win-win models of conflict resolution.

8. EMPATHY: A good realtor really listens and understands your needs, preferences and priorities. They are pro-active in preventing problems before they happen.

9. PERSONAL DEDICATION: The right realtor is “hands-on” and does not delegate important jobs to junior assistants or team members. They are constantly in touch.

10. FLEXIBILITY: A good realtor will most often cut fees to reasonably reflect effort and costs.

Helping you stay informed.

Lynn Tribbling

Sales Representative,
Right at Home Realty, Brokerage

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