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Toronto Realtor Lynn Tribbling

Red-Hot Kitchen Trends

White kitchens are definitely in. Not the fancy,traditional white cabinetry of 10 years ago with
corbels and ornate trim, but sleek, clean, modern, Italian kitchens with shiny lacquer surfaces.
Back splashes are trending toward small mosaic tiles, either, glass or nature-inspired stone, fossils,
or mother-of-pearl inlays. Counter tops are shifting from variegated marbles and granites to
man-made quartz which allows designers to create a simpler, monochromatic colour palette.

Appliances are changing too. White refrigerators and stoves are increasing in popularity again,
although stainless is still the solid choice of most kitchen renovators. Appliance garages have
disappeared, and microwaves are often moved under the counter for child-friendly accessibility.

Flooring choices are evolving. Small 12 x12 tiles are extinct, replaced by much larger, often
rectangular shapes. Hardwood is the kitchen is losing momentum, probably for reasons of
practicality, and natural , honed stone surfaces or porcelain are popular choices.

The single biggest trend in kitchen design is the continuing popularity of the open concept layout.
The function of the kitchen has shifted from cooking to entertaining. Walls are eliminated, bar
stools are added so that what is emerging is a new “social kitchen” which is the beating-heart of
the modern home. Interestingly, many of the trends show that what is old, is new again. Good
news for me. Big hair will soon be back in style! :)

Helping you stay informed.

Lynn Tribbling

Sales Representative,
Right at Home Realty, Brokerage

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