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Toronto Realtor Lynn Tribbling

Spotlight on Lynn Tribbling



Lynn Tribbling is a high-voltage, super-achiever who has won awards every year of her 12 years in the business, including #1 Coldwell Banker REALTOR® Toronto, and #2 Canada. A few qualities set Lynn apart and make her a remarkable Realtor.

Before becoming a Realtor, Lynn was a psychotherapist in private practice, helping people lead richer, emotionally adjusted lives. She has written books, lectured at universities and colleges, and appeared on hundreds of T.V. and radio shows talking about relationships and success. Lynn was voted “Speaker of the Year”, and twice nominated “Woman of Distinction.” A communicator by instinct, a negotiator by training, Lynn is masterful at finessing complicated offers and creating a win-win deal for buyers and sellers. She says, “a therapist and a good realtor use the same set of skills: listening, empathy, strategic problem solving and helping clients not to be distracted by emotional noise.”

Bookish and constantly taking courses Lynn believes in life-long learning. But her impressive real estate acumen is based on practical, first-hand experience stemming from years of prudent real estate investing. She has owned some 55 luxury condominiums in the best buildings in Toronto, and describes her knowledge of upper-tier real estate as “an inch wide and a mile deep.” Always willing to share her secrets, Lynn began a small group of investors which grew to 500 women known as Women’s Investment Network, successfully trading millions of dollars worth of property. Lynn Tribbling Sales Representative, Right at Home Realty Inc., Brokerage 416-391-3232 understands Marketing, having worked with a top Developer in selling out a $200,000,000 luxury building. Lynn does more than just list a property. She uses a detailed business plan showing 17 strategies to help sell your home including target advertising, event marketing, global marketing and integrity selling.



Lynn’s favorite interests are art, architecture and interior design, and she has an expert talent for transforming and editing space to give your home star-quality like a model suite. She believes the first step to successfully selling is “fluffing” your home, using what you already have, re-arranging, accessorizing, tidying and polishing. She is really good at showcasing a property, and quips: “Alas, I was such a good 'fluffologist' one time, the owner fell in love with her home again and did not want to sell!”


A trinity of personality traits drives Lynn’s success. Her delightful, self-effacing wit makes the toughest negotiation a little brighter and enjoyable. Read the “Lighter Side” on her website to see the humour shine through. Lynn’s genuine desire to help is palpable. She loves people, is a compulsive rescuer, and takes joy in assisting her clients achieve their dreams. Always a straight-arrow, Lynn’s commitment to honesty and ethics is paramount. She is a rare bird, a savvy, hard-driving, competitive professional with a nurturing heart. Lynn Tribbling is an agent extraordinaire.

Lynn Tribbling

Sales Representative,
Right at Home Realty, Brokerage

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