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Creating Rest, Relaxtion and Romance

Good home staging clarifies function. The purpose of the bedroom is simple: rest, relaxation, and romance. Bedroom staging should reflect these three priorities and the décor should be uncomplicated, serene and sensual. 

1.    De-clutter:  Remove all items from the room that are not related to the main functions. Eliminate computers, work stations, exercise equipment, ironing boards, sewing machines, food trays and bookcases. Keep the décor simple and Zen-like, reminiscent of a modern 5-star hotel.

2.    Paint in soft neutral colours: Avoid jarring primary colours which over-stimulate the central nervous system. Choose warm beiges, light taupe shades or cloud-like grays.

3.    Dress the bed simply: Splurge on crisp white linens, new pillows, a new duvet cover or comforter. Avoid bright colours, floral patterns, fancy pillow shams or ornate “girly” trims. Fabrics should be soft, sensuous, and freshly laundered before showings.

4.    Accessorize with restraint: Clear off the tops of dresser and night tables. Remove most family photos, religious items, pocket change holders, jewelry boxes and perfume bottles. Limit art to relaxing motifs such as landscape or waterscape scenes. Black and white photographic nature scenes add calm sophistication.

5.    Create a fresh scent: Bedrooms should always be pristine and never smell of people, pets, cigarettes or food. Avoid highly-perfumed air fresheners or spicy, kitchen or potpourri scents as these can be overwhelming. Try putting a couple of fabric-softener dryer sheets under the bed or in the closet.

6.    Create a relaxing atmosphere: Play soothing instrumental “spa music.” Try to minimize street noises and traffic sounds. If there is a TV, turn on the ocean waves channel or the bubbling aquarium scene. Add a romantic touch with a pair of brandy or champagne glasses beside the bed!


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