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Toronto Realtor Lynn Tribbling

My 3 Favorite Places

in the World

My 3 favorite countries I have visited are Thailand, Italy and England.Why? Thailand’s complexity is astonishing. Sublime golden temples contrast with raunchy go-go bars that give meaning to ping-pong. But its best asset is the charming people. Thais are happy, gentle and child-like, blessed with Buddhist serenity, and a doll-like prettiness. Their philosophy of life is “ma pen rai”, which roughly translated means, don’t worry, enjoy life. No wonder they call Thailand “The Land of Smiles.”


No one leaves Italy without gaining weight. Ahh, the glorious, gluttonous, coma-inducing,Italian food: bread, pasta, pizza, cheeses, biscotti, olives, more pasta, and gallons of wine. And what wonderful shopping! You only need to know 3 words of Italian, "Fendi","Gucci,and "Prada" to have fun and go broke. Italian men love women, fat ones, skinny ones, old ones, we are all “Bella”. Why England? How can you not love a place where they say “Gobsmacked” and look under the “bonnet” ,ride the "tube" to “Piccadilly Circus” and eat “bangers and mash.” The three English exports I adore are wit and wisdom and heritage. The English intellect is amazing. This country fathered Chaucer, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Wordsworth, Blake, Austen, and Monty Python! Visiting Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford, Westminster are always highlights. Whenever I stay a few days in Btitain, my vocabulary improves and my IQ ramps up a point or two. As they say: If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.


Remember, travel is good. Home is better

Helping you stay informed.

Lynn Tribbling

Sales Representative,
Right at Home Realty, Brokerage

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