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Toronto Realtor Lynn Tribbling

Accessorize with Flair

I read somewhere that “every room deserves a slap in the face”, or some jolting, unique detail that makes a space exiting and memorable. Why does interior design always have to be so serious?. Minimalism tends be boring and traditionalism can be pretentious. A room needs a dash of humour and interest.

Try these ideas to add wit and vitality to home.


Hang a print by Fernando Botero (fat ballerinas or chubby nudes) in the bathroom to evoke a light-hearted “love what you’ve got” message. Print large labels for glass cookie jars marked: “Uppers”, “Prozac”, “Downers” which are sure to spark a smile from visitors. Display exotic travel mementos or funky flea market treasures on the coffee table to trigger interesting conversations. Spend an hour creating a whimsical piece of fabric wall art for the bedroom, showing cows or sheep jumping over the moon. Photoshop a picture of you with Mick Jagger or Queen Elizabeth to show off on the mantle. Put a sign on your fridge “No Fridge Magnets Allowed!” Use a small chalk board in the kitchen to write your inspirational thought for the day: August 25, 2013-“ I would rather be over the hill, than under it!” Guys, post a sign saying : "Man Cave: Danger-High-Voltage Technology, Toilet Seats Up!” Put a yellow rubber ducky in a posh bathroom. You get it.


Express yourself. Do not be afraid to be playful and even a tad cheeky. It is your home. Decorating should be fun. Surround yourself with a few personal things that make you feel good. Let’s start a trend called quirky-chic. Life is too short to always be serious.

Helping you stay informed.

Lynn Tribbling

Sales Representative,
Right at Home Realty, Brokerage

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