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New Year. New Goals

It is that time again to re-set the compass. Yes, it would be nice to be richer, thinner and healthier, but this year, my goal is simple and laser-focused. I promise to be grateful everyday for what I have. To be in the moment, thankful for each hour's bounty and not to fret about future achievements or lament the past.

It may sound a little Kumbayah, but I resolve to say thank you to those who help me, inspire me and make me smile. Thank you for the shining little miracles embedded in our daily toil and thank you for the benign governance of the universe.

Staying in the now, dilutes regrets about the past and calms anxieties about the future. The present is where pure joy exists, everyday, every moment. Right now, is the essence of our happiness.

Thank you, dear reader, for reading this.

With gratitude,
Lynn Tribbling

Lynn Tribbling
" To dream of the person you are not,
is to waste the person you are. 

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